Documents and presentations about TTC signage

I’ve written a number of articles and other documents about TTC signage. (Nothing is licensed under Creative Commons.)

Blog entries

I’ve written many blog entries on the subject.

Paul Arthur

I have an old article (1994) about Paul Arthur’s candidate redesign of the wayfinding on the subway. (See my page on his signage redesign.)

Presentation to the TTC

I made a presentation to the Toronto Transit Commission on 2007.01.31 on the condition of signage in the TTC. The presentation was available in four forms:

  1. Five-minute presentation, which you had to be there to see
  2. Online slideshow
  3. Unreasonably large tagged PDF of a report I handed out to the chair, vice-chair, and acting general manager of the TTC, a rather dramatic and minimalist (also 28″-wide) photo album
  4. Longer presentation at Toronto Transit Camp, which you had to be there to see

In response to my presentation, TTC commissioners ordered staff to produce a report on signage and wayfinding, which I later demolished.


Letters to TTC

Also available


There are also dozens of available photos.