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I am a journalist and author in Toronto. My writing includes hundreds of articles; a first book on Web accessibility and a second book on Canadian English spelling; and a personal blog. I used to do consulting in Web accessibility, but I don’t do that anymore. I still do research on accessibility – topics like captioning and audio description. I have a longstanding interest in typography, and I did a lot of work on the typography of the Toronto subway (TTC).
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Seen from behind, I photograph a colourful minivan as I wear my purple hat and striped shirt

  1. What’s newCanonical test podcasts ¶ Not Evan Balgord’s journalist’s guide to reporting on the anti-Islam/anti-Muslim movement in Canada ¶ Court application regarding Pride Toronto’s Dispute Resolution Process (and Black Lives Matter Toronto) ¶ Right-Wing Assholes in Canada: A research project ¶ RSS feeds for recordings of my appearances ¶ Improved Jordan Peterson files ¶ Recent article on TTC type and tile (and in-person tour) ¶ Submissions on Bill 28, the Handmaid’s Tale Act, which attempts to redefine motherhood out of existence in Ontario ¶ Complaint against Black Lives Matter Toronto under Pride Toronto Dispute Resolution Process ¶ Audio, and sometimes video, of most of my presentations and interviews now available (i.e., preserved locally) ¶ Mark Leduc Archive: I want the one-of-a-kind strawberry-blond gay Olympic silver medallist to be remembered, not forgotten. I also want the circumstances of his death accurately reported ¶ Hell freezes over: I did paid work for the TTC (and am publishing its signage manual) ¶ Eldergay Suicides ¶ Antedating gay words
  2. Pride Toronto Everything about my dealings with Pride Toronto and its Dispute Resolution Process. (Also: Black Lives Matter vs. Pride Toronto)
  3. EconomicsGay Money: The Truth About Lesbian & Gay Economics: I spent most of 2010 reading every article on lesbian and gay income and earnings. And guess what! Gay marketers have been lying to us all along. Gay males earn, on average, less than straight males (lesbians more than straight females), most studies agree
  4. Writing Ask for a free copy of my second book, Organizing Our Marvellous Neighbours: How to Feel Good About Canadian English. Read my first book, Building Accessible Websites. Many of my articles are online, mostly about graphic design. See my personal Weblog
  5. AccessibilityWeb accessibility, captioning, audio description, and other topics
  6. Fonts & designTypography in the Toronto subway; Screenfont.CA: All about fonts for captions & subtitles
  7. About me Some background, an FAQ, and some articles about me and interviews with me. Policy on deleted items
  8. My other sites
    •, my personal site (including personal blog). That site also lists related Weblogs, elided from here for concision