Joe Clark


I’m a journalist, author, and editor – more concisely, a writer – in Toronto. I have a huge portfolio of published newspaper and magazine articles. I literally wrote the book on Web accessibility for people with disabilities, plus a second book on Canadian English. (Book № 3 is underway.)

I go back more than 30 years in typography ﹠ graphic design.

If you have a difficult nonfiction manuscript, you should scrape the money together to hire me to edit it, since nobody is better than me at severe technical editing.

I run several self-directed projects. One activity of note involved my reading all the published literature on gay and lesbian incomes and earnings. In 2018, I published the Vegan Lifter Project after a good deal of research.

I’ve done paid research into usability and accessibility, and have written audio-description scripts. In many cases, I am the sole, or sole remaining, expert on a number of topics, like captioning.

I’ve lectured internationally since 1989.

I have contributed a number of compilations to the Internet Archive, where one hopes they will be safe for the indefinite future.

I’ve been online since 1991, and hundreds of pages are published here, at my personal site, and on my personal Weblog, among other places. I have tens of thousands of photos available, as on Flickr. (I am reminded again that I really like my pictures; that my homosexualist-lock-screens project is what I am most proud of in living memory; and that my personal Weblog is an absolute cultural treasure.)

A stickler, I write valid HTML with good type and copy. (In fact, I wrote a guide for other journalists on producing clean copy.) I’m happy to publish these documents for readers’ enjoyment and elucidation.

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