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Graphic and industrial design

Reunited herein are the many links to my available articles on graphic and industrial design.


Screenfont.CA: All about fonts for captions & subtitles

Blog posts

Typography; graphic design

Signage & wayfinding

Articles on signage and wayfinding in Toronto and on the TTC (the Toronto public-transit system). Additionally: Two old reports on wayfinding and typeface comparison at GO Transit


Articles for Print magazine – including two on captioning typography and, soon, many more – now have their own page.

Graphic design

Old items

This one didn’t go anywhere:

The Toronto Typographic Charter: The City of Toronto has no coordination whatsoever in the typography of its public spaces. I call for a Toronto Typographic Charter to fix the problem (2006.11.13 01:12)

Industrial design

My expertise in industrial design isn’t remotely as advanced as it is in graphic design, but I’ve written a few things.


A related field is usability, about which I have a couple of articles available. The documents are identical, but they’re available either right here at and over at my putative “business” site,

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