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Updated 2002.10.12


We find a few sites here and there that focus on testing of accessible Web authoring. The Usual Suspect in this regard is of course Bobby, which is overrated, outdated, and underpowered (though we understand a full-on upgrade is in process). What else is available? Not much, but here we go.

  1. Master list at the Web Accessibility Initiative: Evaluation, Repair, and Transform Tools for Web Content Accessibility (2002.10.12)
  2. Several by UsableNet (2002.10.12)
  3. A-Prompt: A viable and usually superior alternative to Bobby. It’s software for Windows taht steps you through the various issues in Web accessibility and actually lets you correct them right on the spot for one or more files. “A-Prompt (Accessibility Prompt) is a software tool designed to improve the usability of HTML documents by evaluating Web pages for accessibility barriers and then providing developers with a fast and easy way to make the necessary repairs” (2002.08.05)
  4. Free Accessibility Assessment of Your Web Site! (Alice the Accessibility Advocate™; 2002.10.12)
  5. CNet test of Section 508 compliance tools (2001.09.22)
  6. RNIB See it Right Accessible Website Scheme: “When you see this logo, you will know that RNIB have checked the site within the past year and that we found it to be accessible. The award is only valid for one year – a successful annual accessibility audit by RNIB is needed to continue displaying the logo” (2001.06.03)
  7. AccVerify (2001.05.18)
  8. How a blind person will “see” your Web page: Audio comparison of inaccessible and accessible Web pages: Fun upload of audio files comparing screen-reader output of an accessible and an inaccessible page (2001.03.05)