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Updated 2001.06.03


Accessibility as a business cost – and advantage.

  1. Bringing E-Commerce to the Blind: “UK brick-and-click retailer Tesco this week launched an online service that will allow blind people to shop over the Internet without using special equipment,” though the actual site demands registration (2001.06.03)
  2. Making Internet shopping accessible to blind and visually impaired users: Royal National Institute for the Blind study (only partial findings available online; you have to pay £5 for the whole report; 2001.01.11)
  3. Advocates of People With Disabilities Take Online Stores to Task: “ could more easily address access issues in coming redesigns. ‘The A.D.A. has not been on our radar until very recently. But it’s in the mix now’ ” (2001.01.11)
  4. Smart Biz: Enabling the Disabled: “ ‘Accessibility is a competitive advantage,’ says CEO Joe Mohen. ‘It’s an economic opportunity to broaden our mission and differentiate ourselves, and it’s solid, logical business that improves the value of our service. It’s a good thing to do from a Wall Street perspective’ ” (2001.01.11)