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Updated 2002.10.12

Other accessibility blogs and books

The Web AccessiBlog ain’t the only fish in the sea. Blogs first, then books at page bottom.


  1. Dive Into Accessibility: 30 days to a more accessible Web site: “This book answers two questions. The first question is ‘Why should I make my Web site more accessible?’ If you do not have a Web site, this book is not for you. The second question is ‘How can I make my Web site more accessible?’ If you are not convinced by the first answer, you will not be interested in the second” (2002.10.12)
  2., Italy (2002.10.12)
  3. Usability SIG (2002.06.15)
  4. SWAN:- Scottish Web Accessibility Network (2002.06.10)
  5. Dive into Mark (that would be Mark Pilgrim; 2002.06.10):
  6. The MCU: The Making Connections Unit (Jim Byrne; 2002.06.10)
  7. Accessibility Zone: Frontend Usability InfoCentre (2002.06.10)
  8. Web Design References: Accessibility (University of Minnesota Duluth; 2002.04.15)
  9. Annotated Bibliography for the ADA: Disability and Computer Access (2001.12.08)
  10. accessiblewebperthIG: Perth, Western Australia accessibility “interest group” (2001.12.08)
  11. Web Accessibility mailing list in German (2001.12.08)
  12. (2001.09.26)
  13. A few papers on LDD and the Web (2001.09.24)
  14. “The purpose of this Web site is to provide free information to resources for the disadvantage[d and] provide free information about Section 508 and web accessibility” (2001.09.24)
  15. Universal Usability in Practice: Modest site with the Usual Suspects for links: “This Web site is a class project.” Well, good to see the kids are taking an interest (2001.05.30)
  16. Universal Usability: Links deriving from a November 2000 conference (2001.05.30)
  17. IASlash accessibility pages (2001.05.18)
  18. (not a lot there; 2001.03.14)
  19. Human Factors International (2001.03.05)
  20. Web accessibility in the news (from National Center for Accessible Media; 2001.02.14)
  21. Jim’s Thoughts and Guides (Jim Byrne; 2001.02.10)
  22. Federal IT Accessibility Initiative Media Coverage (2001.01.11)
  23. Xplane: Xblog: Accessibility (2001.01.11)
  24. Web accessibility surveys of U.S. colleges and universities (Axel Schmetzke; 2001.01.12)
  25. Accessible Webpage Design: Resources (Axel Schmetzke; 2001.01.12)
  26. Federal Computer Week: Accessibility (2001.01.23)


First, start with mine. Next:

  1. Understanding Accessibility: A Guide to achieving Accessibility on Web sites and Intranets by Robert B. Yonaitis (apparently an E-book; 2002.04.15)
  2. Accessible Technology in Today’s Business (2002.10.12)