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Updated 2002.04.15

Consultants and products and services

I won’t go on a big hunt for Web-accessibility consultants, but selected entries will be added when brought to my attention. All the smart Weblogs link to their competition, and this is a smart Weblog, after all. Hire these people. (Or me.)


  1. Rose Rock Design (2002.02.17)
  2. Global Formats (2002.02.17)
  3. 508 Now: Accessibility Without Sacrifice Accessible Designs (2001.09.22)
  4. Global Formats (2001.05.18)
  5. Web-Savvy (affiliation with Adaptive Technology Resource Centre at UofT evident but not entirely clear; 2001.04.16)
  6. Starling Access Services (2001.04.16)
  7. Jim Thatcher Accessibility Consulting: “The last 15 years of my 37 year IBM career were devoted to assistive technology and accessibility.... It is pleasing to me that ‘screen reader’ has become the generic phrase for such access systems [as I developed].... In the last four years... my work focused more on accessibility and less on assistive technology. Accessibility became a crucial issue within IBM as it has in other companies. I worked with Lotus engineers on access to Notes. I led the development of the IBM Guidelines for Accessibility” (2001.03.26)
  8. Kynn Bartlett (has one million Web sites, but start with that one; 2001.03.26). Also interview (2002.04.15)
  9. Sensus ApS: European Accessibility Consultants (2001.03.26)
  10. OrbitAccess (2001.03.26)

Products and services

  1. AccVerify (2001.05.18)
  2. The Other Open-Access Debate: Story more or less revolving around competing products for accessible automated charts and graphs, including Corda’s PopChart [D] (perverse corporate orthography) (2001.05.18)