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Documents and information on captioning for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. Read about why I’m interested in captioning.

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October 8
Notes from presentation entitled “Why I Hate Online Captioning”
July 17
SwiftWatch™: Keeping tabs on the most expensive captioning software in the world (and its many bugs)
October 1
Comments on Josélia Neves’s captioning thesis: Neves, a Portuguese researcher working in England, wrote a thesis on captioning, especially Portuguese captioning, and the thesis has a few problems
CBC News Online: Reuse of TV captions onto the Web: The original proposal for an old project to reuse TV captions on the Web. We actually made it happen for a couple of years
June 5
Response to CMP Captioning Key: A critique of the lavishly-funded Captioned Media Program’s captioning “style” guide
May 5
Response posted (a mere 12,900 words) in ongoing nonsense about CBC captioning
February 24
Why don’t deaf people care about captioning quality? Four hypotheses (all ignored by deaf organizations I queried)
November 15
New study shows CBC failing deaf TV viewers: CBC Television and Newsworld are falling short of their 100%-captioning requirement, a three-year study shows
July 31
Response to Canadian Association of the Deaf study on HDTV captioning, the worst captioning report I’ve ever read
July 29
Response to report on captioning on French CBC channels: Senator Jean-Robert Gauthier filed a complaint concerning captioning on Radio-Canada and Réseau de l’information. Radio-Canada filed a report on the topic, and I respond
September 3
Best practices in online captioning: 21 chapters on captioning for Web video. Research carried out in conjunction with TILE
November 5
Caption Quality Initiative: With the permission of Jeff Hutchins, I’m hosting transcripts and documentation from the Caption Quality Initiative, a consumer/industry group that was especially active in 2002
August 20
An early article, “Typography and TV Captioning,” is now online, in a raft of formats and with sequels and whatnot.
May 6
Intervention in “Application for Exemption Under Section 55 of the Disability Discrimination Act,” something else the Australians are doing wrong


See also: A full bibliography of stories I’ve written on captioning, audio description, and similar media-access topics


See also: Research roundup (now a tad out of date)

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