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The very first article for which I was paid appeared in Print, an august graphic-design publication. I was a mere 24 years old and worked a hideous day job. I wrote the article on the sly on the day job’s equally-hideous computers. (This was the era of WordPerfect 4.2 and “letter-quality printers.”)

Prophetically, the story – “Typography and TV Captioning” – would presage two great strands in my later writing, namely accessibility and graphic design.

As part of a planned reorganization of the information architecture of my various Web sites, I am finally putting these articles together in the same place.

  1. “Typography and TV Captioning,” Print, January/February 1989
  2. Sequel: “Reading the Tube,” Print, March/April 2002
  3. TypoBlog (2002): Personal typographic Web sites are shaking up the stolid world of typography
  4. Reviled fonts (2003): When designers say they hate a typeface, can they back it up? An investigative report
  5. Do font-selling Web sites lack the personal touch?

Updated 2004.11.18

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