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The starting point for everything you ever wanted to know about captioning, audio description, Web accessibility, and related topics. Your host: Toronto journalist, author, and accessibility consultant Joe Clark, dubbed “the king of closed captions” by the Atlantic Monthly.

Who am I?

If you’re new to the accessibility demimonde, or if you’re curious about how a nondisabled person could develop such expertise on topics as obscure as these, or if all you know about accessibility can be summed up with “It’s that closed-captioning thing, right?” – well, have a look at two background documents:

Largely retired from Web accessibility

As of 2008 (and some time before), I have largely retired from Web accessibility. I have not retired from other arenas of the accessibility field.

What’s inside

What’s new
Blog postings
Accessibility-related categories on my Weblog: General, captioning, audio description. (See also the old Axxlog)
About me
Including: Why I’m interested in accessibilityQualifications and expertiseHire me
Public appearances
Where it all began: Captioning (for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers)
Audio description
Added narration tracks for blind and visually-impaired viewers, including: Standard practices in audio description
Accessible movies, including:
Research I’ve done
Regulatory filings and interventions (chiefly with the CRTC)
Not much available here (and nothing at all about dubbing), but a few items about onscreen written translation
Web accessibility
An area of chief expertise: How to make Web sites accessible. See also my book Building Accessible Websites
Symbols and icons for audio description
Resources and miscellaneous articles

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