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Save TTC signs: A write-in campaign

TTC staff are acting as though they have authorization to “remove” and destroy signs at St. George (including the only example of Paul Arthur’s original sign design), and at Pape, Victoria Park, Eglinton, and Islington/Kipling.

In fact, TTC commissioners have not authorized staff to take that action. But they haven’t prevented staff from doing it, either!

So we need you to write in and ask Commissioners to require that TTC staff preserve the signs that are worth preserving and start work on new signage systems.

Where to write

  1. You can send E-mail to GSOEmail2@TTC.CA.
  2. You can send a fax (easy on many computers these days) to 416 485-9394.
  3. You can write a letter to:

    General Secretary
    Toronto Transit Commission
    1900 Yonge St.
    Toronto  M4S 1Z2

Address your correspondence to the General Secretary or just to the Commission.

What happens then?

What we need: Short- and long-term solutions

We need to prevent TTC staff from destroying old signs. It’s up to you, but if you’ve read this far, you probably agree that:

That’s the short-term problem.

Longer-term issues

If you’ve read this far, you probably also agree that:

In the long term, we need proper research and development and testing of signage in the TTC. If we can spend billions of bucks on new LRT lines, we can put a few thousand into making sure that people can actually get around in the subway.

And if you disagree with any of the above, state your case.