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Gearing up for winter

It is possible to ride your bike through the winter. The right gear helps

OK, so it’s winter. Life goes on. If you’re one of the thousands who rides a bike to work (or just for pleasure) in fair weather, you need not hang up your helmet and stow your bike in the garage once snow starts to fall. By outfitting yourself right – and with a little chutzpah – you can pilot your two-wheeled steed on most winter days.

Winter cycling can be economical: It’s not hard to ride a beat-up old bike while wearing everyday pants, coat, and gloves. But bicycle clothing and accessory makers are quite happy to sell you specialized gear for winter riding, most of which is quite advanced and effective. (Check the store directory, below, for locations.)

Head, face and neck


Hands and feet



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Published circa 1996 ¶ Updated 2007.03.19

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