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Articles and analyses on usability and ergonomics

As stated elsewhere, I have a strong bias toward everyday objects in writing on design and usability. If you can't figure out an ostensibly "simple" device like a point-and-shoot cameras, you're not at fault; the designer is.

Usability and ergonomics aren't frills. As Bruce Tognazzini points out, lousy ergonomics can kill people. None of the articles I offer here deals with consequences quite so grave, but I cite Tognazzini's analysis as an object lesson in taking usability of everyday objects seriously. Some of my own articles to consider:

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Usability analyses

I've written sample usability analyses of other sites: My approach in usability analysis is to simply attempt to perform a common task, like add a review or conduct a search. Not rocket science, is it? But I take careful notes and am an experienced user, and have technical knowledge, meaning I catch mistakes designers miss and can put them into words. And I speak very plainly.