Close-ups of four letter Ts from subway stations

The TTC Type & Tile Tour 2

The following is the original announcement of the second TTC Type & Tile Tour.

Join me – Joe Clark, reigning obsessif on TTC typography and interior architecture – on a second guided tour of subway stations with signage (and/or fonts, and/or walls) that are of interest and unique to Toronto. (We did the first one last Sunday, October 28. A third one might happen at some point, but it hasn’t been scheduled.)

Where and when

Sunday, November 4, 2007, at 1400 hours on the dot
Meet inside Lawrence West station at track level. (Get it right: It’s Lawrence West on the Spadina line, not Lawrence on the Yonge line or Lawrence East in the Scarborough RT.) Don’t be late.


  1. Lawrence West, the ugliest station in the system
  2. Dupont, the loveliest
  3. Museum, for possibly-obvious reasons
  4. St. Patrick, where the signs are decaying off the walls
  5. Osgoode, where new Sheppard-style signs are so low you can touch them (and thus feel for yourself how flimsy they are)
  6. All the way around the loop to Rosedale, home to Univers type and unique textured tiles
  7. Up and over to Bayview (passing through Sheppard-Yonge without a presentation), to see what an all-Sheppard-style-sign station looks like
  8. Back down to Eglinton, home of the last stand of Vitrolite tiles and almost the only light weight of the TTC typeface

From Eglinton, we’ll grab a coffee or moral equivalent.

What you need

Just get yourself into the subway by legally paying a fare in some way. We won’t leave the subway system. (We might go have a drink afterward.) It would be prudent to get a transfer if you aren’t using a pass. Bring water if you like.

We’ll be complying – still – with all applicable laws, including TTC Bylaw Nº 1, at all times, which means, among other things, no ghettoblasters, no “expectorating,” no “loitering,” and no “commercial” photography without a permit.

Write-in campaign

There will be a write-in campaign to prevent Pape from being desecrated with “artificial stone.” Contact me for details.

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