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Catholic projects

“A public enemy of a religious order”

I am working on, or I can otherwise offer, the following Catholic projects and like works.

The Holy Agony

Archives and samizdat RSS feed of this Catholic sound experiment

Holy Family

Redesign of Holy Family, a Latin-mass church in Toronto. (A complete shitshow so far, and it’s their fault)

Order of Mass at the Ordinariate

All PDF. (Also at Internet Archive)

See also: Copy-edits for (otherwise decently typeset) Toronto Ordinariate booklets (PDF)

Byzantine rosary

Script for Byzantine rosary in Microsoft Word or PDF. Order of items is deliberate. Typography (in Sitka) is optimized for sight-reading at a distance.

(“Go Byz or go home”)

Readings at church

These are the only occasions at which permitting me to speak was even remotely contemplated. Church is yet another venue where I am considered a problem (cf. Holy Family). My palpable competence and ability, not least in public speaking, are held against me.

Hence it is more expedient to let one Filipina after another (raises hands during Lord’s Prayer; diligently does Sign of Peace with visibly cringing nearby Caucasians) hack through and mangle scripture from the ambo, where no female should ever be found anyway


  1. “Bring me the head of ‘Kissy’ Fernández”: “Catholics who profess to be exasperated by the current papacy have done next to nothing to rid us of the irritant known as Víctor Manuel Fernández. Instead of learning from leftists[,] Catholic gadflies commit to a consistent policy of Not Winning”

    • Biggie smalls: Staying just the right size in one’s Internet niche

    • Avoiding Babylon design system

    Lol you’re not banned from the show

    I’m sorry I ever tried to help these guys. Host and founder (sic) Anthony Abbate complained repeatedly about “audience capture,” but, when presented with a video application to appear on his show to rattle a few of his, his co-host’s, and Internet tradcaths’ shibboleths about homosexualism, suddenly I’m not cute and “witty” anymore, as I had been described on a previous show.

    That was after I had dubbed Anthony a garrulous autodidact. “Coward” and “hypocrite” seem more fitting now

  2. Half of Canon Law in valid HTML: No, you won’t know what to do with it

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