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  1. I quit(2023.11.11)
  2. Catholic projects:

    • Redesign of Holy Family, a Latin-mass church in Toronto (leaving me “a public enemy of a religious order”) (2023.10.15)

    • Biggie smalls: Staying just the right size in one’s Internet niche (2023.11.18)

    ...and several others

  3. St. Clair Worst: Documenting the failures of a streetcar diversion along St. Clair Ave., Toronto (Fall 2023)

  4. Three appearances in the last year: Recordings of my appearances on Cathedral in the Pines (twice) and Trans Regret Snoopy Presents the Bible (2023.08.21)

  5. The Holy Agony was a one-of-a-kind Catholic art podcast from 2021 by John Dios with a collaborator. For posterity, I maintain the relevant files and a samizdat RSS feed (2022.10.25)

  6. Podcasting Had a Good Run, dedicated to “tracking culture & grift in the demimonde of podcasting” (2021.03.25)

  7. Make Accessibility Great Again(2020.09.05)

  8. My contributions to the Internet Archive(2019.12.26)

  9. John Waters’ best films of the year(updated for 2019)

  10. Vegan Lifter Project(2018.11.29)

  11. Podcast censorship (of a sort): In one sense of the term, podcasts are censored from the only directory most people will ever use, iTunes. Some of the same podcasts don’t show up in the indexes that podcast applications like Overcast maintain.

    Not by any coïncidence whatsoever, all the affected podcasts are by conservatives. (2018.06.27)

  12. CP Caps and Spelling: I assembled a list of over a hundred neologisms that could be added to CP Caps and Spelling. The intent is to redress hacks’ left-wing bias and their unwillingness to admit the Internet is real despite their spending all day online. (2018.06.08)

  13. New homepage(2018.06.02)

  14. Strength ¶ Canonical test podcasts ¶ Recent article on TTC type and tile (and in-person tour) ¶ Audio, and sometimes video, of most of my presentations and interviews now available (i.e., preserved locally)
  15. Pride Toronto: Everything about my dealings with Pride Toronto and its Dispute Resolution Process. (Also: Black Lives Matter vs. Pride Toronto)
  16. Economics: Gay Money: The Truth About Lesbian & Gay Economics: I spent most of 2010 reading every article on lesbian and gay income and earnings. And guess what! Gay marketers have been lying to us all along. Gay males earn, on average, less than straight males (lesbians more than straight females), most studies agree

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