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Out of Time

Seen: 2003.10.16   ¶   Reviewed: 2003.12.28

Theatre experience

“Can I have a reflector and a headset?” I ask the playa who is murmuring to his friend in Spanish on the phone. “A headset?” “And a reflector.” I pressed Hold for him. I turned down the first two reflectors as too smudged and scratched. “Take one,” he told me as he offered several more at once. “Sorry to interrupt your phone call, Dan.... It’s been a pleasure, Dan,” I told him.

Nine other people in the house.

Caption quality

Emitter was blocking captions. The display was angled too far back, obscuring the bottom line of pixels in each character row.

TONY (over radio): was not IDed by name in the film, from what I could gather.

You still love her, don’t you. was seen twice.

(thunder rumbling in distance) had been doing so since the previous scene.

It was admittedly rather fast.

- Really? No.
- Yeah.

is actually

- Really?
- No.
- Yeah.

It's about 8-1/2 by x 11 inches: You mean 8 1/2 by 11.

(exciting, suspenseful music playing).

Description quality

“A blur forms the last word of the next title: Out of Time.” No, the first word.

“The uniformed African-American man”: He’s black. And since he’s Denzel Washington, even unto his 40s he’s fantastically sexy and densely packed into his snow-white police-issue polo shirt.

“Rolling the chief onto his back, Ann straddles him.” Indeed. “Later, in the wood-paneled hall, Matt holds Ann while thrusting.” Also indeed.

“Whitlock answers his cellphone”: No, a walkie-talkie (seemingly one of those “P2T” or push-to-talk cellphone/walkie-talkies).

A sign reading “Banyan Key, Florida City Pier #1” was not read in its entirety. There might not really have been time.

“A well-built man saunters over to Matt’s table”: It’s Dean Cain, looking like a sleazy million bucks. He actually acted for the first time in his life!

“She absently addresses another woman”: It’s Sharlene.

“A small domestic sedan” is a large Crown Vic.

“In the driveway, Chris’s convertible sits behind the Mercedes”: We don’t actually know it’s his (and it’s a Miata).

“And peers through the back porch that doubles as a laundry room.” Aye.

“Firefighters rustle professionally”: What’s that, a parody newspaper headline from the Onion?

Oddly, there is no actual street sign visible.


Was the character “breathing heavily” (description) or (gasping quietly) (caption)?

Exit interview


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