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Comments on CAB captioning manual:
Launch point

I’m pleased and indeed honoured to be given the opportunity to provide comments on the Joint Social Issues Committee’s “Canadian English-Language Broadcasters’ Closed Captioning Standards and Protocol” manual (the “CAB captioning manual” or simply “the Manual”).

Available files

  1. Issues in Captions, Inc. Style: A slightly-edited version of a solicited critique of Captions, Inc. captioning style. PDF only, 82 K
  2. Alphabetized full comments document, with Severe, Moderate, and Minor errors listed in alphabetical order and hotlinked (2002.10.24)
  3. Full comments document
    (18,500 words, 152 K; first posted 2002.09.22 19:00; see change history)
  4. PDF version
    (51 pages, 284 K; merely a PDF upload of the HTML version; somewhat more convenient for printing)
  5. Previous list of 150-odd action items (of various degrees of importance and facility of explication) that any captioning manual must address
  6. Previous comments on captioning style:
  7. Limited list of captioning- and description-related research

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Comments on CAB captioning manual: Launch point

Updated 2002.09.25

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