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CBC News Online: Reuse of TV captions onto the Web

[Author’s note: You’re reading an early proposal to CBC to reuse TV captions in online video segments. Dating from 2001, it was posted here on 2006.10.01 for archival interest only. Dollar amounts and some other items were redacted. We actually got the project up and running for about three years, of which there is almost no trace left. It was cancelled without my knowledge sometime in 2004.]

This proposal, deriving from a meeting with [redacted] on 19 February 2001, outlines a multi-stage process for adding accessibility features (captioning and audio description) to’s online multimedia.

Phase 1: Live news segments

Phase 2: Prerecorded documentary segments

Phase 3: Production integration

Phase 4: Online-only public affairs

Phase 5: XML

Joe Clark · 2001.02.20

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CBC News Online: Reuse of TV captions onto the Web

Posted: 2006.10.01

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