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Old CBC News Online captioning project

I have carried out a couple of consulting contracts for CBC. I don’t have any consulting contracts or other business with CBC at present.) One job concerned the reuse of TV captions in online video. We had a whole project up and running for two years starting in 2002, but it was later cancelled without notice (and I don’t even know who cancelled it). This was another leadership position that CBC totally blew.

CBC also prepared, but never sent out, a news release.

If you’re wondering what the captions looked like, well, this is now surprisingly hard to demonstrate since CBC “reorganized” its Web site and caused thousands of URLs to disappear. Even if the captioned video files are available, their presence has been obscured by removing the “CC” logo or any reference to it. This is another way in which CBC is destroying its own history, all because certain filenames are no longer linked.

I have a screenshot of what it looked like at a separate discussion of caption size in online video.

Updated: 2006.10.02

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