‘Building Accessible Websites’


As of 2008.02.04, rights to the book have reverted to me. Building Accessible Websites will be reissued in a corrected online-only edition, and many translations will be authorized.
My book came out five years ago this month. I wish I’d been writing more in the interim.
All known copy-errors corrected. Erroneous or outdated ideas are left intact for historical accuracy (e.g., tables for layout), but every reported error of any other kind has been fixed.
Bookblog restored.
Hebrew translation published.
Interview with me at Digital-Web.

Book chapters’ HTML has now been improved so spectacularly that it is unique on the Web: Every element in the book chapters has an id attribute, meaning you can link directly to individual paragraphs or anything else you want. Read “Plumbing the id.”

  1. Errata now fully updated.
  2. The technical editor for Czech, the only translation anyone has bothered to tell me about (I learned of it via a royalty statement), has contacted me after he saw a posting of mine quite by accident on a Czech Weblog. Since I am a linguistics grad and am madly interested in coöperating with translators (my English usage requires decoding even for native speakers), this is good news. I had harboured fantasies of researching custom language-specific screenshots. That extra effort would require similar advance effort on the part of translator and publisher.

One half of the Building Accessible Websites team has managed to reproduce. For the fourth time, admittedly, but at least the broader family line will perpetuate.

Introducing another child with a heavily typographic name: TADGH (“Everyone knows that gagh is best eaten live”):


Marc, Suzan, Amalia, Beckett and Maghnus are elated to introduce TADGH ATTICUS LORCAN [Sullivan-Lorenz], 8 pounds. Born at home June 2, 2003. Much love to Elizabeth Allemang, Katrina Kilroy, Wendy Katherine. Fourth grandchild for Georg and Liz Lorenz, Toronto, Anthea and Martin Sullivan, U.K. Servus bursch 3! Gaudeamus!

Mazel tov!

Interestingly, Amalia, the eldest, played a small part in production of the book, not at all giving a shit when the finished volumes arrived – why should she be impressed? daddy-o makes books all the time – and telling us in no uncertain terms that the hot-pink CD-ROM should actually have been orange.

And if we print a second edition, it will be.

Full text now online. The whole shebang. No pictures, though. And I could use some help adding id attributes to the headings in each chapter.
Interview at Made for All: Part 1Part 2.

Well, wee bit of a delay between updates, but here we are.

Whirlwind week of appearances. Notes from TUPA presentation posted.
Chapter 4 now online.
Appearances up. See me at South by Southwest, par exemple.
Bazzman (an Italian word? unrelated to Luhrmann?) seems to like the book.
Chapter 3 – “How do people with disabilities use computers?” – online in full text.
“Ask an Expert About Web Site Accessibility” at Slashdot:
Launch party recapped. This week, more Errata will be posted, and an avalanche of online coverage will bury us in snow.
Launch party today. I also appeared on Tech Books, TechTV Canada’s program, to be aired in several weeks.
Superspecial new feature! See for yourself, via inaccessible PDF download, what marked-up proofing pages for a book on Web accessibility look like! ¶ Oh, and did you know there’s an entire page of errata?
It’s here! Marc and I spent the afternoon flipping unbelievingly through actual printed copies of the book I wrote and he designed. We are flummoxed by the fact that a year and a half of effort has resulted, as we promised, in “a beautiful object you will love to read.” It is and you will.
The associate publisher lists forthcoming printing, warehouse, and shipping dates as follows:

Your book is scheduled to be bound about October 8 (give or take a day or two).... We’ll have your book in our warehouse on about October 15 which means it will get to bookstores about 14 days from there (by the time it goes through their warehouses and such).

Book’s done. Proofs are being printed. CD content is almost final to the byte. Home stretch!
To our knowledge, everything is done. 2,000 corrections (most suggested by Moveable Type) have been entered into the manuscript in two different places, HTML and Quark. (In other words, 4,000 corrections. And you wonder why it’s taking so long?) Cover’s done. Everything’s done. Now a final check is being made, and I hope that publication will occur in September.
What amounts to final copy for the book has been submitted to New Riders in typeset form. It will now be indexed and proofed in-house. Moveable Type, the absolute best typesetting house in the business, will also proof the book. Further small revisions are inevitable before the book is actually printed, but in gestational terms, our water has broken and the baby’s coming.
Book is in its production stage. Should be out in a relatively small number of weeks.
Affiliate programs mostly set up. You could write a usability thesis on the difficulty of this task.
Book manuscript essentially complete; tech-editing underway. ¶ Amazon book page is up.
Eleven chapters are completed, if only in first draft, as the Bookblog explains.
I am looking for contributions by photographers and illustrators for the book. The purpose is to teach readers how to write alt, title, and longdesc textual equivalents for images of all kinds. Read the Photo permission Q&A for more.
Bookblog now up and running.

Updated 2007.12.10

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