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Responses from VANOC and CTV

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Of course I contacted the Vancouver Olympic organization, VANOC, and CTV for comments.

Response from CTV

None. Andrea Goldstein wrote:

In an ongoing effort to provide extensive Olympic Games coverage to the visually impaired, key components of our Web sites are WAI compliant including event schedule and results, news, athlete bios, medal standings and contests.

Not only is this claim false (the site does not meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), CTV admits that such was attempted for only part of the site.

Response from VANOC

Online communications director Graeme Menzies provided the following statement (only the accessibility-related portion quoted):

Site accessibility is one of many important considerations our team took into consideration when building a site that could serve the world with information about the 2010 Games in the years leading up to, and during, the Games. Rather than build custom accessibility functions, we strategically chose to use the capabilities of the browser; our research indicated that this is the experience users are most familiar with. Where possible, we strove to meet the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and have also encouraged our partner sites to follow the WCAG guidelines.

I trust your research will compare to other popular websites providing Games information, and that you will find we rate at least as well as other major websites (such as,, or if not somewhat better.

Comments, then:

It seems VANOC did not “strive” far enough.

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