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On this page are links to some of my Web-accessibility writings – the ones that don’t fit anywhere else. It occurs to me that I now have enough of a bibliography that I need to unite all the links somewhere.

Largely retired from Web accessibility

As of 2008 (and some time before), I have largely retired from Web accessibility. I have not retired from other arenas of the accessibility field.


Basic facts

I am a leading independent authority on Web accessibility. In 2005, I was an invited expert with the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, though that didn’t last very long. I work on the PDF/Universal Access Committee now.

Building Accessible Websites

‘Building Accessible Websites’ cover My book is done – published, printed, and available. Read all about Building Accessible Websites; see also the Bookblog.

Additional articles

  1. Understanding Web Accessibility,” a basic introduction to the topic, published in the Journal of Volunteer Administration (2003.04.19)
  2. At A List Apart:
    1. All the Access Money Can Buy” – something to do with and accessibility
    2. Flash MX: Clarifying the Concept,” on Flash accessibility, published at A List Apart
    3. Flash access: Unclear on the concept – Macromedia is late to the party in making Flash accessibility. Are they too late altogether, and will hotshot young designer d00dz get the message anyway?
  3. Two very old, rather outdated articles, maintained for historical curiosity value:
    • Why should Webmasters care about blind people and others who can’t load or use graphics?
    • WWW access, a rather incendiary article
  4. Another old document: The “Break this page!” experiment, in which four new approaches to accessible Web graphics are deployed. The problem? The source files in Australia have been removed

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