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Media-access resources

This section deals with accessibility issues in broadcasting and cinema in general. If it doesn’t fit in any of the other categories, it goes here.

Understanding media-access terminology: What’s the difference between captioning and subtitling? What is audio description? Find out all about it here
Symbolizing accessibility: With the assistance of Melanie Goux, a new and improved audio-description symbol is born! Now available for download
Accessibility of visual menu systems and interfaces and video on demand (VOD)
Four articles from the 2002–2005 era on making visual menu systems (like on digital TV) accessible
Accessibility issues in digital rights management: “DRM has a number of implications for viewers who require accessibility features. Almost all the implications point to a reduction in usefulness, convenience, and engagement of existing legal rights” (2003.04.07)
Localization and accessibility: Just how important is it that captions, subtitles, dubbing, and audio descriptions match the exact vernacular, accent, or spelling used by the audience?
Corporate accessibility policies (and TTY access): Small report for local domain registrar
Accessibility research roundup: Recent articles on captioning and audio description (by other authors)
Weblogs and mailing lists
I keep an extensive running commentary of accessibility issues at my personal Weblog, including:
  1. Accessibility (in general)
  2. Captioning
  3. Audio description
  4. Web accessibility
Axxlog (“The Media Access Weblog with the Vaguely Risible Name”) has been discontinued, but it’s still online.
The Web AccessiBlog attempted to catalogue all available online files on Web accessibility. Now mothballed.
Theoretically I run a mailing list on all forms of media access, but traffic has essentially died in the last year as subscribers, recapitulating the parochialism in which deaf people only care about captioning (adamantly so) and blind people only care about description, have split up to other lists:
  • The Captioning mailing list at YahooGroups.
  • The ADInternational mailing list at YahooGroups (Audio Description International, the description-related list).

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