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Seen: 2003.11.27   ¶   Reviewed: 2003.12.28

Had to go see this, despite its being captions-only, because I have kassovitzian tendencies. He didn’t muff his first English-language film, but I wish he had chosen something more subtle.

Theatre experience

Guy at the cash register tries to sell us tickets for Cinema 9 rather than the equipped Cinema 2. He is duly corrected.

Some captions had long gaps between them, while others flashed twice.

Caption quality

The line “You know about my stepfather” is not captioned. Post-postproduction sweetening?

Similarly, “Papa Was a Rollilng Stone” is heard onscreen as Miranda escapes, but it is captioned as another song whose name I muffed in my notes.

(shouts "No! No!" backwards) and (footsteps slopping in reverse): True!

(in reverse):

Also true.

Ten or twelve captions with long overlapping speech rendered incomprehensibly as dashed phrases:

- second line of first speaker
- third line of first speaker

Let go, you son-of-a-bitch! isn’t hyphenated.

Right, so how was your date with, um.....? I have five dots in my notes. I assume that’s the error. Your options are one or three (the rare case of four is elided in captioning).

Description quality

Not applicable.


Not applicable.

Exit interview

No problems.

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