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Background & precepts


Every now and then, I assign myself a research project. A previous such project disproved the media myth that “the gay community” is rich.

In 2017, I’m making a bet to myself that I will be able to finish the following project:

  1. Read most or all the literature on right-wing assholes in Canada, and critique and summarize it.

  2. Do what I have repeatedly assailed purple-haired keyboard warriors for being too chickenshit to do: Emulate Stieg Larsson and get to know right-wing assholes personally.


For this right-wing-assholes project, I am working from the following set of precepts (not entirely exhaustive).

  1. We aren’t single-issue voters.

    1. One can be concerned about or simply oppose more than one faction at a time.

    2. Gay men and lesbians have rational basis to be wary and afraid of not only Islam or political Islam but Muslims, because Muslims behead and massacre our people in the name of their religion.

    3. Civilized people, including gay men and lesbians, can also oppose real hate speech, real hate groups, and real hate crimes.

  2. Debates can be merely political, not fuelled by “hate.” Some of the issues that left-wing journalists and academics claim are proof of hatred are merely political debates. Immigration, immigrants, Islam, Muslims, and indeed gay rights are all examples of those. It isn’t “hate speech” to advocate for restrictions on immigration, for example. It also isn’t hate speech to tilt at windmills and call for the repeal of same-sex marriage.

  3. If right-wing extremists are such a threat to Canada, it isn’t enough to sit in a figurative ivory tower.

    1. Writing articles and books about white supremacists and right-wing assholes has as much effect on them as running a blog does. Opponents of right-wing extremists tend to be intellectuals and symbol manipulators. The only way they know to run an offensive against guys who sometimes beat up minorities is to write unflattering things about them.

    2. As these words have no effect whatsoever, academics and activists are at best engaging in performance art. They aren’t doing anything to stop right-wing extremists. Again: If those guys are such a threat, it’s your duty to get out there and do something in the real world. You can’t hive off that responsibility to cops, snitches, and others who actually have courage, not least of all of their convictions.

  4. Right-wing assholes have assaulted and murdered people in Canada. So have Muslims, and so have other groups, and so, crucially, have men (rarely women) acting alone.

  5. This country has constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of conscience, speech, and association. Everyone has those freedoms, including right-wing assholes. Anyone in Canada may believe anything they want without limitation. That applies to you and all your enemies too.

    1. Unless and until your speech or expression, you can express anything you want. This too applies to you and your enemies.

    2. Online “hate speech” can be a victimless crime. If assholes on Stormfront insult Sikhs or Muslims or gays or blacks, but you, the Sikh/Muslim/gay/black person, never read what they write, you haven’t been harmed.

    3. Yet §319 of the Criminal Code does not require a victim or that any member of a group allegedly harmed by the speech must actually have seen, heard, read, or perceived it.

    4. Hence Tyler the Creator’s dictum about hate speech (“How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes”) has no effect under Canadian law. But it’s real in practice.

  6. Words are not violence.

If you disagree with any of these precepts, fine. It’s a free country. But this is my project.

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Updated: 2017.07.27

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