Banner ads

Phase 2

Banner ads for Phase 2 of micropatronage, October 2007.

  1. Clever writing by me, attractive design by Antonio Cavedoni.
  2. I assume you know how to view source and extract HTML.
  3. You have a licence to duplicate and display these banners on your site (and please duplicate them; don’t link to the images here).
  4. You may adjust whitespace in the super-wide ones to fit your site’s dimensions.
Micropatronage: This time it’s personal
Micropatronage: This time it’s *personal*
Micropatronage: This time it’s *personal*
Micropatronage: THE REVENGE
Micropatronage: The revenge
Micropatronage: The revenge

Phase 1

The original banner ads are still available. Do you want funny or serious?