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Note: You’re reading the earliest postings to what would later become my personal Weblog. In effect, you are reading my blog prehistory. (List of old archives)

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  1. Guillermo Verdecchia
  2. The Redhead Cluster Phenomenon
  4. Randy Starkman’s new euphemism for homosexualism
  5. Just why is Anne Golden’s report on homelessness gathering dust?
  6. Peter “Meerkats” Merholz’s blog page: Something of an inspiration
  7. Radicchïsm! (the musical)
  8. Why do so many straightedgers opt for tattoos?
  9. Number portability: Imagine never having to change your telephone number again. Convenient? Mais oui. Orwellian? Somewhat
  10. "Scott McCloud: My Obsession with Chess"
  11. What is more enjoyable than that perfect quarter-hour when your cup of tea kicks in?
  12. Typical men
  13. Why do otherwise compassionate people set absolute limits on their compassion?
  14. Turbonium as stunning example of onscreen typography
  15. Very much in favour of the ongoing runlolarunification of pop culture
  16. Marital strife
  17. Dispassionateness is mistaken for coldness
  18. Sony goggles simulate 52-inch monitor
  19. Dish liquid is not interchangeable
  20. "If I had been born three years earlier, it would have been ABBA"
  21. Christopher Hitchens on Mother Theresa
  22. Deep linking
  23. HTML citation limitations
  24. .org is morally superior to .com
  25. Mappa Mundi
  26. lemonyellow
  27. To what can we attribute the enduring fabulousness of “Walk Like an Egyptian"?
  28. Databases created by humans are the ones that work
  29. We are impressed with Street Tech
  30. Sorry, but Thomas Dolby has it wrong about MP3
  31. "We’re afraid to call it love. Let’s call it swimming"
  32. Pager codes? You’ve got to be kidding
  33. Mass-customized interfaces
  34. The killing of Matthew Shepard was not per se an act of overt homophobia but one of failed manliness
  35. The related death of Steve Heyman
  36. Do little guys in the gay world have it worst?
  37. What is spam?
  38. Sasha, Eye’s sex columnist, is not an unblemished powerhouse, which evokes a certain tristesse
  39. We need more robzombification of pop culture
  40. Mr. Gay UK finally got his photo taken right
  41. I have good skin, my dermatologistrix tells me. And what does that mean, exactly?
  42. "How to Spot the Miatafag" lives!
  43. Hey! I’m important!
  44. “Ends” by Everlast sums up the ’90s
  45. I had a friend I’ve known for the better part of ten years; he turned into a ratfink
  46. The music video “Detonator" by Mocean Worker causes me frustration
  47. We strongly support TFO’s application to be carried on basic cable in Quebec
  48. Phonebashing
  49. Staking out Karlheinz Schreiber
  50. Kielbasa
  51. Naked Chef
  52. Binary dates
  53. Placeholder Web sites
  54. Diana Trilling
  55. Dotcommerce au bibliothèque
  56. Lava
  57. Incapacitation; amorous hangover
  58. Manau
  59. Contemporary French life
  60. Skipperworld
  61. Snuff films
  62. Sarah Clarke, neologistrix
  64. IE5CSS
  65. Killing time at Lettieri with the pretty-in-pinks and the Headstones
  66. Fudd caps
  67. DeGrassi: Prolonging the magic
  68. The inappropriate laughter of film intellectuals
  69. The Redhead Cluster Phenomenon
  70. A great smooch at du Collège and Spadina
  71. Getting name-dropped at Adam Twelve
  72. What are the odds of walking past three separate Alfa Romeos in one day?
  73. Douglas Pearce, visualist
  74. The single “Enemy" by Days of the New is maddening
  75. The ratfink is back
  76. Listening to Triple J radio down in Oz reveals just how similar playlists are
  77. Our word of the week is blouson
  78. Randomly permuting available domain-name keywords
  79. I’ve had to defect from Poz
  80. I have been set straight about Manau
  81. Looking for the other Joe Clark (or oneof the others)
  82. The Spy-like adjective chain
  83. Parallel universes exist (Moby; sushi)
  84. I’ve met him at least three times, and he’s seemed unhappier and more let down by life on each occasion
  85. A single sentence in Karl Taro Greenfeld’s Speed Tribes sums up Japan, doesn’t it?
  86. Merwin Mondesir certainly is
  87. My 389th article was just published
  88. baffles me
  89. I enjoy the manly sensuousness of Ryan Gantz
  90. The meme of the replica of a model that never existed

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