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Updated 2002.02.19

See also: Anti-censorship policy

The Vegan-Straightedge mailing list

There is now a mailing list to discuss vegan-straightedge topics.

Vegans abstain from consuming animal products to the extent possible. Straightedgers (hyphenate the word if you wish) abstain from drugs and alcohol, other stimulants and psychoactive substances, and, in some cases, sex. We figure: If you're going to abstain, abstain maximally.

This new mailing list is likely to be permanent and replaces the old Vegan-Straight-Edge list run out of the U.K. two years ago.

The mailing list is unmoderated; no one will censor what you say, though everyone has the right of reply.

Postings to the list offering sharp, ad hominem criticism of the entire concept of veganism or straightedge living are unwelcome. However, intelligent, civilised criticism of even the most basic tenets of either philosophy are welcome.

Note (2002.02.19): The VsXe list receives about ten postings a year at this point. It is so inactive that it might be unplugged at some point. At time of writing, however, it is still functioning.

Subscription and posting instructions

To subscribe, send a message containing the words subscribe vsxe Firstname Lastname in the body of a message to Fill in your own real Firstname and Lastname. You could also try selecting this link, which for most browsers will start a new message for you with most of the information filled in.

There’s another way: Try sending mail to (or use this link).

To unsubscribe, send a message containing the words unsubscribe vsxe in the body of a message to (or try this link).

To send a message to the list so that everyone can read it, mail your message once only to

Note that the addresses for posting to the list and for subscribing and unsubscribing are different.

If you want to receive Vegan-Straightedge as a digest (all the day's messages assembled into one big message), subscribe first, then send the command set vsxe digest to (or try this link).


You can explore Yahoo's relatively complete starting-points on veganism and straightedge life. It does seem that new Web sites are born and die each week on those topics, but the Yahoo catalogue gives you links to the most stable pages.

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