The Cranky Copyright Book

Issues & questions that
Joe Clark’s upcoming book on copyright for creators will address

Has anybody ever told you Creative Commons was a bad idea?

Well, let me be the first. I know already I’m one of only two people in the country who’s in favour of copyright reform but not in favour of Creative Commons. Hence I also know you think I’m wrong. I doubt you’ll still think that once I’m done.

So: What is wrong with Creative Commons?

And! Time to reassess Larry Lessig: After you lose at the Supreme Court, why not change your career?

What are these people really after?

I don’t think Creative Commons supporters are being honest.

Did none of that ever occur to you before? Ever heard anyone else say these things? I certainly haven’t, and I’ve been looking. Time for an outside analysis of Creative Commons and what it, and its leaders, really stand for. From what I can tell, this is gonna be a first.

It won’t change your mind, of course. But you should help me out anyway.