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Failures in audio description:
The Last Days of Disco

For some reason, on 2001.04.05, Showcase aired an open-described version of Whit Stillman’s The Last Days of Disco (reviews).

Now, I hate Whit Stillman, largely because I hate the twee, neurotic yuppie scum he celebrates. Stillman would like us to believe he is actually examining this cohort, but that is hardly credible.

I surprised myself in enjoying The Last Days of Disco. I was vastly more surprised to find relatively few outrages in AudioVision’s descripton of this film.

“Written by Marco Sauren, narrated by Valerie Hunter, and mixed by John Carlisle.”

So there you have it: AudioVision is not incapable of doing marginally half-decent work when they put their minds to it. The question becomes: Why don’t they put their minds to it more often?


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Updated 2007.02.28

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