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MoPix in action

The classic placeholder message
Welcome to Rear Window. Please adjust your reflectors, shown in its natural reverse and right readings. (The LED displays caption characters in mirror-image, remember. Your reflector reverses them so you can read them.)
‘Welcome to Rear Window. Please adjust your reflectors’ placeholder message in amber LED type
Similar view at the Paramount. This is reverse-reading as you’re facing the back wall, photographed with flash after a movie.
Paramount LED display, two emitters, and projection booth
Reflector shots, pre-show
The (inevitably smudged, scratched-to-shit) plexiglas panel sits in midair before you on the end of a gooseneck stalk, which I really need a photo of.
Reflectors showing right-reading caption characters (and seats, coats, people, and the screen through the plexiglas)
Captions in action
...during opening credits and during the movie. Yes, it is possible to set the reflector so it obscures part of the screen. I don’t particularly mind. It’s also possible to set it up so it’s entirely offscreen. I also witnessed two people place the reflector at screen top, turning the captions into surtitles and obscuring rather a lot of the screen. Note that “obscure” does not mean “block”; you can still see the movie through the reflector.
Captions in action
Shitty fonts
MoPix typography is considerably worse even than the original TeleCaption decoder’s, using as it does a 7×5-character dot matrix with no descenders.
(glass shatters) as displayed in reflector
...possibly two or three suspects encountered. as displayed on reflector

More on the way

More photos coming, eventually. My digicam takes lousy nighttime photos without flash, so I may have to improvise.

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Updated: 2004.02.20