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Get me working for you

Revised 2000.04.03

Online skills | Design skills | Writing–editing | Project management | Site critiques & usability


I offer a range of knowledge-based services to employers:

Résumé highlights

A concise résumé is available online, but here are the high points.

Online skills

Design skills

My design skills and expertise are ideal for a client who does not require a registered graphic designer but rather someone with multidisciplinary abilities and writing and editing skills, and who also knows every rule and exception of English orthography.


Project management

Considerable on-the-job and freelance experience in managing projects, both inside and outside the technology or software fields. Some examples:

Site critiques

I've completed a few site critiques and usability analyses for potential clients. My approach in usability analysis is to simply attempt to perform a common task, like add a review or conduct a search. Not rocket science, is it? But I take careful notes and am an experienced user, and have technical knowledge, meaning I catch mistakes designers miss and can put them into words. And I speak very plainly.

Note also my widely-read usability/content analysis of E-commerce sites. You'll never look at a Web site selling compact discs the same way again.

I'm available

I'm available for online or print writing and editing, Web production and producing (not quite the same thing), and accessibility consulting. Interested? Drop me a line.