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Web standards: Bookmarks and test files

I do a lot of work on Web standards – the use and promotion of published recommendations for HTML, CSS, and accessibility. Indeed, accessibility is a Web standard.

Apart from Webstandards.TO, our little social club here in Toronto for our pitiful ragtag handful of standards-compliant Web developers, I have a few other offerings available.

Bookmarks for standards testing

In the course of everyday Web-surfing, I run across a number of examples of topics in Web standards and accessibility. Every so often, I publish those bookmarks:

  1. First set, from 2004.05.26
  2. Second set, from 2005.11.05

Type tests

Small caps

Can we get real small caps using nothing but CSS? Try this test page, which I cannot really get to work.


See a previous test of ligatures (, , and the like).

Space characters

Test of em, en, thin, and hair spaces in browsers.

Canonical test podcasts

Are you the creator, programmer, or quality-tester of a podcasting application? This page provides a range of podcasts that exemplify a range of atypical use case from merely uncommon to exceedingly fringe. If your app can handle all these, you’re doing well.

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