The Smithereens kvetch page!

by Joe Clark

New news:: The online rebirth of Smithereens discourse!

Now back to our regularly-scheduled programming

For nearly two years, I ran the only mailing list on the net on the topic of the Smithereens, the magickal neo-'60s Amerikanski rock quartet. I met The Band a couple of times (except for the shadowy Mike Medaros, who may or may not actually exist) and got along well with the lads, particularly vocalist/songwriter/majordomo Pat DiNizio. I wrote a few stories about the band (the only one of which I posted online is here). To this day the Smithereens are nominally my favourite band, the litmus test of which is as follows: When you couldn't possibly stomach listening to anything else, for reasons of mood or depression or unfamiliarity, what can you stomach listening to? For me it's les Smithereen. Fine, call me sentimental. I admit it.

However, in 1996 I was evicted from the Internet service provider which ran the Smithereens list, thus killing it. Since then, it is known that Pat DiNizio has gotten online (God knows where-- extensive searches don't find him), and at least one former Smithereens listmember seems to be acting as de facto online manager for Pat, channeling his public statements through his own Web site and tightly controlling access.

I do not suggest malfeasance, merely egotism. This, honey, is contrary to the spirit of the net, where everyone is equal and information is widely available. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm posting anarchive of the entire Smithereens mailing list (StuffIt version; zip version). Read it and weep.

Don't forget that the Smithereens FAQ is still posted, though I doubt it'll ever be updated.

And Pat, if you're reading this, drop me a line, OK? I promise not to kiss you on the cheek, or on the lips, or wherever.

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