The strange Lazarus-like resurgence
of Smithereens online resources

by Joe Clark

As of today, 1998.03.18, fans of the magickal neo-'60s Amerikanski rock quartet the Smithereens have a new online discussion forum: The Usenet newsgroup, created by Gerard Lanois (announcement page). What a surprise!

This newsgroup joins the existing semi-official site and Dave Persails' page. I'd already written the Smithereens KVETCH! Page and a still-incomplete Smithereens FAQ, and in the spirit of online sharing I am now also posting the entire archive of the former Smithereens mailing list. It's a Eudora mailbox, readable with any text editor, and in uncompressed form it's 1.7 MB in size. Don't say you weren't warned. Adherents of the Macintosh religion may use the 455 K StuffIt archive; a 423 K zipped version is also up.


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