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Gay Games VI bid comparisons

NEW: Read my rebuttal to a flagrantly inaccurate Xtra article about Toronto’s Gaymes bid.

Well, we now know who’ll be hosting Gay Games VI: Sydney. (Official announcement; Sydney’s announcement; news article.) It’s the right choice.

I would like to express my relief that the whole procedure is over. Due to various pressures in my Real Life, I was bearing the brunt of a lot of stress, and it showed. On the other hand, the Toronto bid committee and the Federation of Gay Games politburo also behaved badly. All I can say is: I’m not this acerbic in real life. Not one-on-one, anyway.


These pages represent a list of custom-written, independent reviews, criticism, and analyses of the bids for Gay Games VI in 2002. The bid cities, who have all applied to the Federation of Gay Games, are Sydney, Toronto, Montreal, Dallas, and Long Beach<slash>Los Angeles (contacts page).

Available analyses include:

  1. NEW! Questions for bid committees at the Denver selection meeting
  2. Examination of expected participant numbers in various sports
  3. Budget analysis
  4. An exhaustive set of detailed reviews of the cities’ bid documents. (Page references are denoted in brackets: [6] [ix] [3.9].) Choose from:
  5. Notes on the analyses

Posted: Circa December 1997 ¶ Updated: 2009.03.01

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