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Updated 2005.01.06

See also: Anti-censorship policy

The Icebike mailing list on winter cycling

There now exists an Internet mailing list on winter cycling (i.e., cycling in cold, wet, snowy, and/or rainy weather). The unmoderated list Icebike will accept all manner of discussion on winter cycling, including clothing, tires, maintenance, beating the cold, embracing the cold, cycling strategies, psychology, paranoia reduction, and more. The list runs 12 months a year, so it doesn't matter in which months your winter occurs compared to other people's.

To subscribe, send the words subscribe icebike Firstname Lastname in the body of a message to Fill in your own real Firstname and Lastname. You could also try selecting this link, which for most browsers will start a new message for you with most of the information filled in.

If you'd prefer to receive the digest version – all the day's messages collated into one big message – subscribe first and then send the command set icebike digest in the body of a message to (or try this link). To turn off digests, send set icebike nodigest in the body of a message to (or try this link).

There’s another way: Try sending mail to (or use this link).

To unsubscribe, send unsubscribe icebike to (or try this link).

A useful command for AOL, Hotmail, and other systems that lack mail folders is set icebike subj command sent to (or try this link), which will add [Icebike] to the subject line of each message, unless you are a digest subscriber.

To post a message to the list so everyone can read it, subscribe first and mail your message exactly once to System or administration problems? Never mail to the list. Instead, send a calm message to

There are a zillion other commands you can use. The info refcard command sent to (or try this link) will return an information file.

Subscribers must provide their real names when subscribing. Any questionable subscription request will be denied, and a small blacklist of forbidden subscribers is maintained. While this is certainly unfair to the names on the list, it isn't unfair to the other subscribers of the list or to the listowner.

Searchable, current Icebike archives are available.

There's a semi-unofficial homepage at Go nuts.

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