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Policy on deleted items

Like all online authors, I have the unfettered right to delete or unpublish any work I create. Again like all online authors, I can do that for any reason. I rarely do. I view online publishing as a possibly-permanent medium, and have gone to great lengths to ensure that my work will remain readable and displayable by future technologies.

Nonetheless, the rare occasion may crop up in which I feel it is better to delete an item.

Some people can still read some items

Deletion is not necessarily forever. If you are a researcher with a need to read an item I deleted (irrespective of kind, category, or place of publication), contact me and state your case. I won’t turn down reasonable requests; some requests may be denied. You cannot, however, ask for entire corpora, since that makes it too easy for all such items to be republished en masse.

Tea Makers postings are listed and available.

Reasonable compromise

I try very hard to retain all items I post. On occasion, I fail to live up to my own standard. I view this as a pragmatic limitation. But in the interests of maintaining integrity and assisting legitimate research interests, I believe this policy represents a reasonable compromise.

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