Links from Carson Workshop

I gave a Carson Workshop on 2005·09·01 in London, in which I talked for about seven hours. Here are some of the Web sites I discussed (or at least loaded) and why.
Featured an interview with me on the day I presented. (Subcribers only, I’m afraid.)
“Canada’s national newspaper” (or, as it is sometimes derisively called, “Toronto’s national newspaper”), whose articles carry a font-resizer developed by one’s esteemed colleague Craig Saila.
A deaf site that does Web standards – via a highly competent and well-tested redesign by Tracy Godding et al. of Interesource. If that sounds like a plug, it is.
Everyone’s favourite homoerotic/crypto-fascist metal/opera/disco Übergroup, with an auto-resizing layout. (Try shrinking your browser window.) It’s a technique devised by young Cameron Adams in Melbourne.
They make adaptive technology for learning-disabled students, including de facto (post facto?) screen readers that highlight words on screen as they are spoken.
The closest thing to a standards-compliant photo-gallery package. Got some issues with alt texts still, if memory serves. (Matt Müllenweg uses the open-source Gallery, which has the same issues, which are essentially the issues that all gallery software must contend with.)
Site by and for users of the Macintosh VoiceOver screen reader.
Google Scholar: Little-known search engine for research citations. I don’t know what I did before it came along.

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