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Updated 2002.12.30

Catalogue of available documents

For one-stop shopping, this list comprises documents available at joeclark.org, fawny.org, and theBRML.org. Only very limited and select files from contenu.nu/NUblog.ca are provided. Description, graphic, printable-version, and stylesheet files are excluded.

You can search all Joe Clark realms here:

For NUblog entries (nearly 200 of them), do a search over there; they are not listed individually on this page.

  1. aakboardvv.html: Apple Adjustable Keyboard article 2
  2. /accessiblog/: Web AccessiBlog: A Weblog on Web accessibility
  3. acontracts.html: Beware of Apress contracts
  4. adcc1994.html: Advertising & Design Club of Canada Awards, 1994
  5. adcc1995.html: Advertising & Design Club of Canada Awards, 1995
  6. adcc1996.html: Advertising & Design Club of Canada Awards, 1996
  7. additions.html: New additions to this site
  8. ad-principles.html: Standard techniques in audio description
  9. adsidebar.html: Brief article on audio description
  10. ais.html: Australian Institute of Sport article
  11. aiscanux.html: Sidebar to AIS article on Canadians at Australian Institute of Sport
  12. alexisley.html: Profile of Alex Isley, graphic designer
  13. aloneinthecrowd.html: Alone in the crowd: Orphan software
  14. alternadomains.html: Buyer's guide to alternative domains (other than .com, .org, and .net)
  15. analysis.html: Analysis of Analysis: My plans (currently in hiatus) to analyze media coverage, e.g., of the Paralympics
  16. anne.html: AudioVisionWatch reviews: Anne of Green Gables
  17. audiovision.html: AudioVisionWatch: Keeping tabs on shockingly incompetent audio describers
  18. auscapcolours.html: Australian captioning colours: A simulaton
  19. /autonominal/: Autonominal fonts
  20. axxlist.html: Media Access mailing list on captioning, audio description, subtitling, dubbing, etc.
  21. /axxlog/: Axxlog: The Media Access Weblog
  22. /cinema/reviews/beautiful.html: A Beautiful Mind review
  23. bellpump.html: Review of Bell Pump helmet
  24. /cinema/reviews/blackhawk.html: Black Hawk Down review
  25. /book/: Writing a book, Building Accessible Websites, about Web accessibility
  26. /bookblog/: A Weblog on writing a book about Web accessibility
  27. breakthispage.html: The Break This Page! experiment in access to Web graphics
  28. /B‌r‌e‌t‌t/: Sportfucking with B‌r‌e‌t‌t
  29. bugs-new.html: New Word 98 bug reports
  30. bugs.html: Word 98 for Macintosh Bugs Page
  31. cabling101.html: Introduction to cabling terminology
  32. calista.html: Calist Flockhart Is an Idoru
  33. callerid.html: Privacy issues in caller ID
  34. calque.html: Calques: Humourous word-for-word song translations
  35. camelbak.html: Review of CamelBak hydration pack
  36. capabilities.html: DVD access capabilties
  37. captioncloset.html: Argument that hearing people can too enjoy captioning
  38. caseypieretti.html: Profile of Casey Pieretti, amputee skater
  39. catalogue.html: This document
  40. cc.html: Subpage on captioning and media access
  41. ccbibl.html: List of articles on captioning and media access
  42. ccbiblio.html: List of articles on captioning and media access
  43. ccbibliography.html: List of articles on captioning and media access
  44. cellprivacy.html: Privacy issues in cellphone use
  45. chixwithstix.html: Grrrlz hockey
  46. /cinema/: Accessible cinema
  47. /cinema/reviews/: Joe Does the Movies: Accessible movie reviews
  48. clifbar.html: Clif Bars of the Future
  49. clueless.html: Quebecor shuts down two newspaper Web sites, thereby losing the war of the clueless
  50. commonissues.html: Common issues in SGML for access
  51. content.html: Content-Management mailing list
  52. convergeaol.html: The convergence myth: Can even AOL get it right?
  53. convergence.html (joeclark): Claptrap enters the design era: Review of Design/Technologies Convergence conference
  54. convergence.html (contenu): The convergence myth (Portage and Main version)
  55. copyright.html: Copyright declaration
  56. /crtc/: CTV, the CRTC, and audio description (at license-renewal time)
  57. crtctranscript.html: Transcript of oral intervention in CTV license-renewal hearing
  58. crtc-ad.html: The CRTC and audio description: Correcting errors in an official document
  59. ctv.html: Intervention in CTV license-renewal hearing
  60. ctv-global-summary: Summary of license requirements for CTV and Global
  61. davidcarson.html: Interview with, and exposé of, design prima donna David Carson
  62. deafway.html: Typographic requirements for captioning for HDTV (1989!)
  63. decon-blog.html: Deconstructing "You've Got Blog"
  64. denouveau.html: What’s new at all joeclark realms
  65. /design/: All design topics reunited
  66. digitaltable.html: Captioning and audio description on new Canadian digital specialty channels
  67. discothrash.html: Fantasy musical genres of the future
  68. diseasedperverts.html: Story on HIV-positive foreigners entering the U.S. for Gay Games IV in 1994
  69. doublejeopardy.html: Gay athletes who are also HIV-positive
  70. Doylism: Colin N. Doyle visited Toronto for a day and a half in December, 2002. We have photographic evidence
  71. dupont.html: Grappling with an image: John Du Pont and wrestling fetishism
  72. /dvd/: DVD accessibility: The first and only compilation and explication of the issue of A.D. and DVD
  73. dvdad.html: DVDs and audio description
  74. dvdsubs.html: DVD subtitling on Macs: Don’t try this at home
  75. dvdtable.html: Printable table of DVD access features
  76. econcc.html: Article on captioning, originally in the Economist
  77. endofthebeginning.html: The end of Gay Games IV
  78. epinions.html: Usability at epinions.com
  79. /cinema/reviews/et.html: E.T. review
  80. f200005.html: fawny.blog archives, May 2000
  81. f200006.html: fawny.blog archives, June 2000
  82. f200007.html: fawny.blog archives, July 2000
  83. f200008.html: fawny.blog archives, August 2000
  84. f200009.html: fawny.blog archives, September 2000
  85. f200011.html: fawny.blog archives, November 2000 to June 2001
  86. f2002a.html: fawny.blog archives, 2002
  87. faq.html: Frequently-asked questions
  88. faq.html:Site FAQ
  89. farchives.html: fawny.blog archives index page
  90. fawnyblog.html: Personal Weblog
  91. faq.html: Joe Clark FAQ
  92. ffaq.html: The format=flowed FAQ
  93. film.html: Cinema reviews
  94. /cinema/firstlaunch.html: The first launch: What happened at the début of MoPix in Canada?
  95. flaw.html: Deep-seated, immutable character flaw of the week
  96. floppy.html: Is the floppy disc doomed?
  97. flove.html: Love at first sight: All right, it’s real
  98. folie.html: Ma folie de Manau
  99. followyournose.html: At a wrestling meet? Moi?
  100. fullcontents.html: Full contents of this site by category
  101. fullface.html: Article on fullface bicycle helmets: If there''s no proof they're needed, why do they exist?
  102. garypanter.html: Profile of Gary Panter, artist/designer
  103. gearingup.html: Gearing up for winter: Cycling in wintertime
  104. gg2002.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Main page
  105. gg2002_budgets.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Budget review
  106. gg2002_contacts.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: List of contacts for bid groups
  107. gg2002_Dallas.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Dallas
  108. gg2002_LongBeach.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Long Beach
  109. gg2002_Montreal.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Montreal
  110. gg2002_Notes.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Notes on the entire project
  111. gg2002_qs.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Questions posed to bid groups
  112. gg2002_rebuttal.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Rebuttal to critics
  113. gg2002_sports.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Comparison of sports scheduled by bid groups
  114. gg2002_Sydney.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Sydney
  115. gg2002_Toronto.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Toronto
  116. gg2002_Toronto1.html: Gay Games VI bid analyses: Toronto (notes on special meeting)
  117. ggint.html: Interview with Greg Graffin of Bad Religion
  118. globemopix.html: The Motion Picture Access Project, story 1 (captioning and audio description of first-run films)
  119. glorious.html: The Glorious People’s Myth of Standards Compliance (HTML 4 and browsers)
  120. glory.html: The glory of the Gay Games
  121. gordonthompson.html: Interview with Gordon Thompson, Nike's chief designer
  122. gps.html: Global Positioning System technology: Who needs it?
  123. gpssidebar.html: Sidebar on Global Positioning System terminology and workings
  124. graphicagitation.html: Review of Liz McQuiston's book and presentation on protest posters
  125. grdes.html: Articles on graphic design
  126. hackers-design.html: Review of graphic design of Hackers
  127. hackers-reviewette.html: Review of Hackers
  128. halfqwerty.html: Half-Qwerty: The sound of one hand typing
  129. /cinema/reviews/harrypotter.html: Harry Potter review
  130. heritage.htmlEvidence before House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage on 23 April 2002
  131. hero.html: The hero of the Atlanta Olympics, Renn Crichlow
  132. hockey.html: What do homosexualist hockey players want?
  133. home.html: fawny.org homepage
  134. home.html: joeclark.org homepage
  135. homicide.html: "Blouses, Bloodstains and Bowties": Race and gender on Homicide: Life on the Street
  136. howto.html: How to make movies accessible: Basic facts
  137. hunchback.html: AudioVisionWatch reviews: The Hunchback
  138. icebike.html: Winter-cycling mailing list
  139. idps.html: Point-and-shoot cameras: Why are they so complicated?
  140. idpsblurbs.html: Sidebar to point-and-shoot cameras: Reviews
  141. inddes.html: Articles on industrial design
  142. /cinema/reviews/insomnia.html: Insomnia review
  143. integration.html: Integrating wheelchair athletes into the Olympics
  144. issn.html: ISSN for Weblogs
  145. jobsites.html: Online job sites, where unusability leads to unemployment
  146. joeclark-hreoc-nocss.html: Submission to Australian human-rights inquiry into captioning (with Cascading Stylesheets)
  147. joeclark-hreoc.html: Submission to Australian human-rights inquiry into captioning (without Cascading Stylesheets)
  148. johnlowe.html: John Lowe's work on something vaguely related to SGML for access
  149. jokejobs.html: Jo(k)e-Jobs: Laughably unrealistic and overdone Internet job advertisements
  150. kb-allegiance.html: Allegiance to your favourite keyboard
  151. kcs.html: My dinner with King Cobb Steelie
  152. keyboards.html: Articles on keyboards and ergonomics
  153. kim.html: Pimp me, Li’l Kim!
  154. klosterman: The Klöstermän Weekend: Excerpts from and ravishing kudos to Fargo Rock City
  155. lastdaysofdescription.html: AudioVisionWatch reviews: The Last Days of Disco
  156. legitimate.html: The legitimate press clues in
  157. lexicon.html: Clarkspeak lexicon
  158. lgbslist.html: Gay Sports mailing list
  159. linkarchives.html: Archive of previous link additions to the homepage
  160. listings.html: Listings: DVDs with audio description
  161. lists.html: Mailing lists I administer
  162. livead.html: Live audio description vs. play-by-play commentary: What’s the difference?
  163. localiz.html: Software localization
  164. lockerascloset.html: Gay activists say "We are everywhere." If that's true, where are the gays in high-performance sport?
  165. lords.html: Review of The New Lords of the Rings
  166. louganis.html: The lasting lessons of Louganis
  167. lycanthrophobia.html: Hirsute athletes: The enemy of all that is just and proper
  168. mailinglists.html: Mailing lists I administer
  169. /cinema/reviews/meninblack.html: Men in Black II review
  170. metered.html: Metered local phone service: Would it cripple Internet usage?
  171. mightierthan.html: Pen computers: Mightier than?
  172. millennium.html: Review of the Northern Telecom Millennium payphone
  173. /cinema/reviews/minorityreport.html: Minority Report review
  174. miscwriting.html: Miscellaneous articles
  175. mobileemail.html: Mobile E-mail
  176. mogulwatch.html: MogulWatch: Megalomania and the failure of convergence
  177. monomania.html: Monomania! With thousands of typefaces at their disposal, why are designers choosing monospace fonts?
  178. /movienight/: Accessible movie outings in Toronto
  179. My Problem with MuchLoud
  180. /cinema/reviews/murderbynumbers.html: Murder by Numbers review
  181. music.html: Articles on music
  182. nasss.html: Journalist crashes sport-sociology conference, scattering livid feminists in wake
  183. /cinema/reviews/neverland.html: Return to Neverland review
  184. newsports.html: Adding new sports to the Olympics (and keeping crips out)
  185. niketo.html: Article on Nike''s Toronto campaign
  186. NOaccessNOsgml.html: SGML for access subpage
  187. NOaccessYESsgml.html: SGML for access subpage
  188. noses.html: Cutting off noses: Quebecor fires online staff, for all the wrong reasons
  189. nublog.html: The NUblog Weblog on online content and everything that entails
  190. numbercrunch.html: Number crunch: Running out of phone numbers
  191. oil.html: Oil and water in mergers and acquisitions
  192. olympix.html: The Olympix blow it online
  193. oneuponedown.html: The one-up/one-down form of tennis, with one standing and one wheelchair competitor
  194. ongoing.html: Greatest hits – features of ongoing interest
  195. onscreenkb.html: Onscreen keyboards
  196. otitis.html: The Ethics & Otitis Media World Tour: Intro
  197. otitis-m.html: The Ethics & Otitis Media World Tour: The Media Aggro Group: Doing GBH
  198. opinionated.html: Joe Clark's Hyperopinionated Cycling-Product Review
  199. parallel.html: Does the New Economy need a benevolent society? Yup
  200. /cinema/reviews/panicroom.html: Panic Room review
  201. /book/permission.html: Photo permission Q&A (for book)
  202. pervertuosity.html: Review of Virtuosity
  203. pkp.html: Pierre-Karl Péladeau, digging his own grave
  204. policy.html: Mailing-list anti-censorship policy
  205. postmodern.html: Postmodern telephones: A review
  206. QiYE1.html: Maestro Fresh-Wes; My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult; Buy Me, I'll Change Your Life!
  207. QiYE13.html: Rheostatics and sports and growing up
  208. QiYE14.html: TrU2isms; Suzanne Vega
  209. QiYE15.html: Cabaret Voltaire
  210. QiYE16.html: Filthy gossip!
  211. QiYE17.html: ABBA
  212. QiYE18.html: Such nice boys!
  213. QiYE19.html: Sloan
  214. QiYE2.html: Kitchens of Distinction; "Disappearer"; Buy Me, I'll Change Your Life!
  215. QiYE20.html: House of Pain
  216. QiYE21.html: Shonen Knife; Garth Brooks
  217. QiYE22.html: Yello
  218. QiYE23.html: Céline Dion – Just what is she doing there?
  219. QiYE24.html: Phantom Helmsmen
  220. QiYE25.html: Between Live and madness lies... obsession
  221. QiYE26.html: Video (Waltons, Pet Shop Boys, Living Colour)
  222. QiYE27.html: Luc De Larochellière
  223. QiYE28.html: Charitable Contributions (No Alternative, Born to Choose)
  224. QiYE29.html: Agents provocateurs (Bob Wiseman, Ian Stephens)
  225. QiYE3.html: Fifth Column; 808 State; Buy Me, I'll Change Your Life!
  226. QiYE30.html: King's X; Queer Name for a Band contest
  227. QiYE31.html: Kronos Quartet; lounge music (Combustible Edison, Huevos Rancheros, Joe Satriani, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet)
  228. QiYE32.html: Red Hot
  229. QiYE33.html: Les Rita Mitsouko; "Nobody's Hero"
  230. QiYE34.html: Kathleen Yearwood; Tool; Queer Name for a Band winners
  231. QiYE35.html: James; Beastie Boys and Soundgarden videos
  232. QiYE36.html: Live, again
  233. QiYE37.html: What is Bhangra?; MC Solaar
  234. QiYE38.html: Hole; Pretenders
  235. QiYE39.html: Smithereens
  236. QiYE4.html: Morrissey
  237. QiYE40.html: They Might Be Giants (or they might not)
  238. QiYE41.html: Beastie Boys
  239. QiYE43.html: That stubborn Mould problem
  240. QiYE44.html: Portishead vs. Basehead; Glueleg
  241. QiYE45.html: Spearhead
  242. QiYE46.html: Mike Watt; Moby
  243. QiYE47.html: Living Colour
  244. QiYE48.html: "Big Gay Heart"
  245. QiYE49.html: Hootie! (yes, & the Blowfish)
  246. QiYE5.html: Tarsem
  247. QiYE50.html: Moby; "Men Loving Aliens Loving Men"
  248. QiYE51.html: Kyp Harness; Tricky
  249. QiYE52.html: Björk
  250. QiYE53.html: Simply Red; Emergency Broadcast Network
  251. QiYE54.html: Actual queer musicians (Gregory Gray, Extra Fancy, Jimmy Somerville)
  252. QiYE55.html: Madonna
  253. QiYE56.html: Ashley MacIsaac
  254. QiYE57.html: Bad Religion (article, interview, and anti-article – where else on the Web do you find this stuff?)
  255. QiYE58.html: Seven music videos
  256. QiYE7.html: Metal!
  257. QiYElist.html: List of all Queer in Your Ear articles
  258. QiYEmain.html: Queer in Your Ear main page
  259. readingthetube.html: Reading the tube: Typographic atrocities remain in full force in captioning and subtitling
  260. reeve.html: Christopher Reeve does Toronto
  261. relay.html: Relay services
  262. revelation.html: Revelation: Print is content
  263. Reviled Fonts: Research for article on typefaces that designers hate. Except they have to back it up
  264. rhcp.html: Redhead Cluster Phenomenon homepage
  265. rhcpd.html: Redhead Cluster Phenomenon: Definitions
  266. rhcph.html: Redhead Cluster Phenomenon: History
  267. rhcpl.html: Redhead Cluster Phenomenon: Links
  268. rhcps.html: Redhead Cluster Phenomenon: Sightings
  269. /cinema/reviews/roadtoperdition.html: Road to Perdition review
  270. /cinema/rollouts.html: Accessible cinema rollouts
  271. roundup.html: Gay Sports Media Roundup
  272. roundupold1.html: Gay Sports Media Roundup archives 1
  273. roundupold2.html: Gay Sports Media Roundup archives 2
  274. saabyvolvo.html: Analysis of Analysis: Homoerotic Saab and Volvo commercials
  275. sampras.html: Pete Sampras, sexual persona
  276. sampras.html: Pete Sampras, sexual persona
  277. sanctioning.html: Sanctioning Gay Games events by sport governing bodies
  278. saying.html: What people are saying about me
  279. /cinema/reviews/scoobydoo.html: Scooby-Doo review
  280. screenfont.html: Screenfont mailing list on onscreen typography
  281. seminar.html: Canadian identity through graphic design
  282. sgml.html: SGML for Access
  283. sgmlad.html: SGML for Access: Audio description
  284. sgmladex.html: SGML for Access: Examples
  285. sgmlcc.html: SGML for access subpage
  286. shenanigans.html: Behind the organization of Gay Games IV
  287. shfluffy.html: Situationist History: “Little Fluffy Clouds”
  288. shyello.html: Situationist History: Yello
  289. situationist.html: Situationist Histories
  290. slogancc.html: "Slogans High and Low": Captioning
  291. sloganeer.html: "Slogans Highand Low": Influence of Barbara Kruger– and Jenny Holzer–style slogans on pop culture
  292. smithereens-lazarus.html: The strange resurgence of the Smithereens
  293. smitherfaq.html: FAQ on the Smithereens
  294. smitherkvetch.html: Complaint about other online denizens' handling of the Smithereens
  295. snowcc.html: MTV's subtitled video of Snow's "Informer" is in every way inferior to the captioned version
  296. socog.html: Reader’s guide to Sydney Olympics accessibility complaint
  297. sodomite.html: Sodomite invasion! Avowed homosexualist infiltrates NFL dressing room – but global apocalypse averted
  298. soundinggay.html: Sounding gay: Gay speech patterns
  299. /cinema/reviews/spiderman.html: Spider-man review
  300. sports.html: Articles on sports
  301. /spy/: Ten Years Ago in Spy
  302. stoodup.html: Stood up by Microsoft
  303. staroped.html: Toronto Star editorial on the CRTC's ongoing failures in captioning and audio description
  304. /cinema/reviews/starwars.html: Star Wars: Episode II review
  305. sx70.html: SX-70 vs. Captiva: Design review
  306. symbolizing.html: Symbolizing accessibility: Why is it so hard to come up with icons, symbols, or pictographs that mean “accessible”?
  307. symbolizing-dvs.html: Symbolizing accessibility: DVS & A.D.: Working toward a universal audio-description symbol
  308. sympatico.html: Searching at sympatico.ca
  309. talking.html: “Talking Behind Their Backs”: Treatment of race and sexuality in audio description
  310. technology.html: Articles on technology
  311. tele.html: Articles on telecommunications and telephones
  312. terramoto.html: Review of Giro Terramoto bicycle helmet
  313. textonly.html: A text-only Web?
  314. thearrow.html: AudioVisionWatch reviews: AudioVision Canada's miserable failure in audio description of The Arrow
  315. theirowntwofeet.html: Nondisabled athletes in wheelchair sport
  316. thesecond.html: The Second
  317. /cinema/reviews/timemachine.html: Time Machine review
  318. tinytechgnosis.html: Reviews of My Tiny Life and TechGnosis
  319. tissueoflies.html: Tissue of Lies: Laughably unrealistic Internet job postings
  320. toolbox.html: Tales of the Toolbox, or what goes on when your neighbourhood watering hole is a leather bar in the middle of nowhere (now terminated)
  321. traumatize.html: They traumatize horses, don't they? Animal rights in sports
  322. trmopix.html: Motion Picture Access Project, article 2
  323. tsn.html: My day in the maw of the TSN gag machine
  324. ttc.html: Toronto Transit Commission's wayfinding nightmare
  325. tubby.html: Daily Diet of Tubby: Design and politics of the National Post
  326. /typecasting/: Typecasting: Review and commentary of film typography
  327. typoblog.html: TypoBlog
  328. typoexpoagogo.html: Typo Expo à Go-Go: Monologue
  329. typoexpoarticle1.html: Typo Expo à Go-Go: Article 1
  330. typoexpoarticle2.html: Typo Expo à Go-Go: Article 2
  331. ukad.html: Comments on U.K. "guidelines" for audio description
  332. UKFilmCouncil.html: U.K. accessible cinema news
  333. uksubs.html: Comments on U.K. “guidelines” for “subtitling”
  334. /symbol/: Universal audio-description symbol
  335. usability.html (contenu): Guerrilla usability analyses
  336. usability.html (joeclark): Articles on usability (and guerrilla usability analyses)
  337. usualsuspex.html: Review of The Usual Suspects
  338. v200001.html: Volt show reviews: January 2000
  339. v200002.html: Volt show reviews: February 2000
  340. v200003.html: Volt show reviews: March 2000
  341. v200004.html: Volt show reviews: April 2000
  342. v200009.html: Volt show reviews: Autumn 2000
  343. v200011.html: Volt show reviews: Winter 2000
  344. v2000s.html: Volt show reviews: Summer 2000
  345. v2001spring.html: Volt show reviews: Spring 2001
  346. v2002spring.html: Volt show reviews: Spring 2002
  347. v2001winter.html: Volt show reviews: Winter 2001
  348. vaseline.html: Putting out the fires with Vaseline: Queer rock at the El Mo
  349. vibecc.html: Captioned music videos
  350. virtualfingers.html: Review of three-fingered winter cycling gloves
  351. vista.html: Review of Vista headlamp
  352. volt.html: Volt: The maudit anglophone fan page
  353. voltcomplaint.html: CRTC complaint against Volt
  354. voltreviews.html: Volt show reviews
  355. voltr1.html: First response to CRTC complaint against Volt
  356. vsxe.html: Vegan-Straightedge mailing list
  357. vvpublishquark.html: Conversion of the Village Voice from Atex to Macintosh
  358. /weblogs/: Every damned Joe Clark Weblog
  359. webstandards.html: Web-standards articles
  360. whitepages.html: What's wrong with the design of the White Pages?
  361. whycaptioning.html: Why am I interested in captioning, etc.?
  362. writing.html: All writing articles linked on one page
  363. wwwaccess.html: Accessibility in Web design
  364. /xenoblogs/: Xenoblogs: Weblogs from outside the USA
  365. xosx.html: X OS X: The first straightedge operating system
  366. yahoo.html: How to quote messages in Yahoo
  367. YESaccessNOsgml.html: SGML for access subpage
  368. YESaccessYESsgml.html: SGML for access subpage