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November 26
Comments on AODA accessibility “standard” available
CBC captioning atrocity update
October 8
Notes from presentation entitled “Why I Hate Online Captioning”
September 9
Appeal of licence issued to the Accessible Channel
August 14
In 2007, GO Transit tested some new signage designs. Why won’t they release any information about those signs, and why isn’t the government watchdog assisting with such release? (Now with response to appeal of decision not to release public documents [2007.12.15].)
July 3
Save TTC Signs: Did you know that TTC plans to remove and destroy irreplaceable old signs, including the only existing versions of Paul Arthur’s signage redesign at St. George? In response, I’ve started a write-in campaign to force TTC staff and Commissioners to preseve old signage that has to be removed – and to research and test a rational new signage system
June 7

WCAG Samurai Errata published:

Before publication of the errata, we arranged for two separate independent peer reviews:

All but one of the Samurai were unaware that the review was happening. The reviewers did not know about each other and had no limitations on what they could write. The reviews were published only in time for the unveiling of the errata and were not read by anyone, including anyone in the Samurai, beforehand.

May 14
We’re moving the release date for WCAG Samurai back to the second @media conference, in London June 7–8, 2007
There’s now a newsfeed (RSS/XML) for WCAG Samurai
I appeared at a hearing in Toronto on 2007.04.20 (photos). My remarks were later transcribed
April 7
Speaking notes and podcast available
March 7
Articles from the Globe and Mail, 1993 (added 2007.03.07)
Intervention against the National Broadcast Reading Service’s claimed Accessible Channel
February 14
Letter to Tim Berners-Lee: Time to cancel WCAG 2
Complaint to Toronto’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on lack of testing of proposed streetsigns
Speaking notes from Web Directions North now done
January 31
TTC signage presentations. You have no idea how much work went into those
List of projects for 2007
Reply comments in CRTC over-the-air television review: Boy, did they get the captioning issue wrong
November 9
WCAG 2 activity on cognitive disability, including a November 2006 invitation to a teleconference on the subject (complete with Microsoft Word attachments, which I have HTMLified – a case of WCAG Working Group cochair Gregg Vanderheiden’s inability to produce the accessible Web content his guidelines would require)
Micropatronage drive launched: Subsidize me while I fundraise for an accessibility research project
October 25
I am quoted in an article by Andrew LaVallee (we talked about different pronunciations of his name) entitled “Deaf Web users fear being left behind as TV shows stream onto the Internet.” The piece describes the demand by deaf people for captions on online and handheld video and how pretty much nobody is meeting that demand. See blog entry with minor corrections and my captioning page
September 20
Intervention in the CRTC’s review of over-the-air television (Broadcasting Notice of Public Hearing CRTC 2006-5) (2006.09.27)
Signage articles posted, including old evaluations and typeface comparisons for GO Transit
August 16
Accessibility of visual menu systems and interfaces and video on demand (VOD): Three articles from the 2002–2003 era on making visual menu systems (like on digital TV) accessible
July 16
New browser test published: Em, en, thin, and hair spaces.
I’m now keeping a running tally of CBC captioning errors and omissions. And you can even subscribe via RSS!
June 6
Response to CMP Captioning Key: A critique of the lavishly-funded Captioned Media Program’s captioning “style” guide
May 23
To Hell with WCAG 2” published at A List Apart, and my own WCAG responses also published
Response posted (a mere 12,900 words) in ongoing nonsense about CBC captioning
For Iceweb 2006, I was tasked to speak about Ajax accessibility. I ran user tests and presented original research. Speaking notes and test results are now available
Let it be known that I am writing an article about WCAG 2 for Zeldman and A List Apart. Don’t be surprised if you receive questions for attribution
February 24
Why don’t deaf people care about captioning quality? Four hypotheses (all ignored by deaf organizations I queried)
January 30
ATAG assessment of WordPress: How well does WordPress 2.01 alpha fare against the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 1.0?
Megabin data published. What does the research say about Torontonians’ attitudes toward Eucan’s giant “garbage cans”?
December 7
Translations of previous articles at A List Apart:
  1. Facts and Opinions About PDF Accessibility: Fakten und Meinungen zur Barrierefreiheit von PDF (Deutsch)
  2. Big, Stark & Chunky: Gros, rigide, trapu? gagnez en souplesse! (français)
November 15
New study shows CBC failing deaf TV viewers: CBC Television and Newsworld are falling short of their 100%-captioning requirement, a three-year study shows
Added a new page for Web standards, and a new set of bookmarks for standards testing
October 23
Relaunched the site homepage – now less embarrassing than ever! (Thanks go out to Patrick Lauke, Gez Lemon, and Jeremy Keith.) Tested in Firefox, Flock, iCab, IE5/Mac, IE6/Win, Links, Lynx, Mozilla, Opera (for Macintosh – yes), Safari, and Shiira. If the site misbehaves on your system, please let me know
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