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Updated 2001.08.07

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The Bad Religion Mailing List

The Bad Religion Mailing List discusses everything relating to the seminal punk band Bad Religion – and beyond. As you can see from the archives, the subscribers of the Bad Religion Mailing List also talk about everything but BR: What's going on in their lives, political protests, other punk bands.

The BRML used to be hosted at another server,, and was founded by Len Smith. (We are working on resurrecting, which is currently offline and empty.)

Subscription and other commands

To subscribe, send the words subscribe theBRML Firstname Lastname in the body of a message to Fill in your own real Firstname and Lastname. You could also try selecting this link, which for most browsers will start a new message for you with most of the information filled in.

There’s another way: Try sending mail to (or use this link).

The Bad Religion Mailing list defaults to digest mode – all the day's messages collated into one big message. If you'd like to receive messages individually ("reflector" mode), subscribe first and then send the command set theBRML nodigest in the body of a message to (or try this link). To turn on digests, send set theBRML digest in the body of a message to (or try this link).

To unsubscribe, send unsubscribe theBRML to (or try this link).

Note that another default setting, applicable only to reflector subscribers, will be useful for AOL, Hotmail, and other systems that lack mail folders. Each reflector message's subject line will begin with [BRML] so that you can sort messages from the list easily. To turn this setting off, send set theBRML nosubj to (or try this link).

To post a message to the list so everyone can read it, subscribe first and mail your message exactly once to System or administration problems? Never mail to the list. Instead, send a calm message to

If you find your digests are appearing as attachments, either switch to Eudora as your mail program or turn off MIME. How do you do that? Send set theBRML nomime to (or try this link).

There are a zillion other commands you can use. The info refcard command sent to (or try this link) will return an information file.

Searchable, current archives can be found here.

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