Street-furniture documents

Drawings of proposed street furniture

On 2007.03.28, the city of Toronto has released “renderings” of the candidate designs for street furniture. They’re public documents, albeit in inconvenient untagged PDFs. So I loaded all the images onto my Flickr for the purposes of review and criticism.


  1. I added plain-text exports from two of the PDFs on 2007.04.14:

  2. I added photographs of models on display at City Hall on 2007.04.12.

Public survey

In 2006, the City of Toronto carried out a survey of public attitudes toward street furniture. These public documents, the object of significant public interest, results are published here for the purposes of review and criticism. They took forever to extract from a reluctant and obstructionist city bureaucracy. The source of these documents is the City of Toronto.

  1. HTML (some columns from original document elided for easier reading)
  2. Original PDF (tagged)
  3. Excel

Questions from vendors

Registered vendors were able to file written questions with the city until December 2006. Those questions were answered in password-protected, untagged PDFs for no really valid reason. Again for the purposes of research and criticism, these public documents – “addenda” to the original request for proposals – are provided here, along with my own original submitted questions (badly copied and pasted by city staff). Addenda 3, 5, and 6 did not contain questions and answers. The source of these documents is the City of Toronto.

  1. Addendum 1 (PDF)
  2. Addendum 2 (PDF)
  3. Addendum 4 (PDF)
  4. Addendum 7 (PDF)

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