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Improved Maps of Meaning PDFs

Jordan Peterson’s book Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief was published by Routledge in 1999. Peterson offers two technically unworkable PDFs of the book for download. I improved those PDFs were possible.

For 2019, those PDFs now reside at the Internet Archive.

Jordan’s original PDF, dated 2002 (avoid)
Improved PDF (at Has bookmarks and index; is a tagged PDF but is not claimed to be accessible; does not and will not link endnotes to their references; awful typography could not be improved; many typos even in headings fixed in bookmarks
Peterson’s original Russian PDF of Карта смыслов, dated 2009 (also avoid)
Marginally improved PDF (at This file is so technically broken that the improvements are slight. Even the character encoding is broken, so good luck always seeing Cyrillic characters. Bookmark addition was impossible. Tags added; indexing was pointless

Nothing else is available here.

Updated: 2019.04.17 07:05

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