Book II. The people of God. Part II (Cann. 607–709)

Part III. Institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life

Section I. Institutes of consecrated life

Title II. Religious institutes (Cann. 607–709

Chapter I. Religious houses and their erection and suppression

Chapter II. The governance of institutes

Art. 1. Superiors and councils

Art. 2. Chapters

Art. 3 Temporal goods and their administration

Chapter III. The admission of candidates and the formation of members

Art. 1. Admission to the novitiate

Art. 2. The novitiate and formation of novices

Art. 3. Religious profession

Art. 4. The formation of religious

Chapter IV. The obligations and rights of institutes and their members

Chapter V. The apostolate of institutes

Chapter VI. Separation of members from the institute

Art. 1. Transfer to another institute

Art. 2. Departure from an institute

Art. 3. Dismissal of members

Chapter VII. Religious raised to the episcopate

Chapter VIII. Conferences of major superiors