Book II. The people of God. Part II (Cann. 460–572)

Part II. The hierarchical constitution of the church

Section II. Particular churches and their groupings

Title III. The internal ordering of particular churches (Cann. 460–572)

Chapter I. The diocesan synod

Chapter II. The diocesan curia

Art. 1. Vicars general and episcopal vicars
Art. 2. The chancellor, other notaries, and the archives
Art. 3. The finance council and the finance officer

Chapter III. The presbyteral council and the college of consultors

Chapter IV. Chapters of canons

Chapter V. The pastoral council

Chapter VI. Parishes, pastors, and parochial vicars

Chapter VII. Vicars forane

Chapter VIII. Rectors of churches and chaplains

Art. I. Rectors of churches
Art. 2. Chaplains

Cf. Apostolic Letter issued “Motu Proprio” De concordia inter Codices (Latin) modifying some norms of the Code of Canon Law (31 May 2016)