International workflow

Blogrolling in our time: Over at Liga, the internationali{s,z}ation Weblog, we are name-dropped. But it gets better: A useful new way of differentiating style and content in multilingual Web production is introduced.

I look at it from a workflow/presentation perspective. I’m working on a Web site with articles in multiple languages, and with multiple templates (skins). The articles themselves can have images to go with them. So what is content, what is presentation, and how do they get separated? I separate them at birth. From a technical perspective, an “article” gets started by entering an author, a date and some more info. That’s it. No content there. All real content (title, text, images, presentation, ...) is transformable, e.g. can be translated, re-arranged, re-decorated.

Posted on 2001-03-13