The Weblog format canonically requires updates presented in reverse-chronological order, an abstraction that implies the past extends into the present and future. Sometimes, however, there is no future for a Weblog.

As adduced previously, the raison d’être of the NUblog has slowly eroded as cluefulness has expanded through the ranks of Web developers.

We can no longer live in denial that the NUblog might someday be revived. In fact, we are making the active choice to put it to rest. We credit Choire Sicha for crystallizing reality for us: Planned obsolescence is actually the true nature of personal Web projects. Only corporations can afford to leave the tap running indefinitely. (And C. Sicha put his money where his mouth is, bringing to a salutary end.)

Here at NUblog, we have no hesitation to stand on the shoulders of such a giant. We had a good three-year run of some 230 entries, all of which will remain online indefinitely, if not forever. (Unlike Andy Crewdson, we do not believe in torching one’s library of Alexandria.)

NUblog has, as they say, left the building.

Posted on 2003-05-12