Tippi Hedren’s alt text

Errata sections of author book pages are delightful, aren’t they? Unless of course you are charged with finding errata in someone else’s book, and load up the pages with three dozen Post-It® Tape Flags within the first half.

At any rate, the Web is sposta be a multimedia business, so we were gratified to read, over at Workflow that Works, an invocation of the great two-hit-wonder model/actress Tippi Hedren. (Actual studio orthography: ‘Tippi’ Hedren.)

Chapter 6, p. 165 and the caption for Figure 6.12 on 166: “ ‘Tipi’ the cat” uses the title attribute to the href tag [Wrong two ways – NUblog] – not the “alt tag” as stated in the text. The alt attribute wouldn’t work on an href tag [No such thing exists – NUblog]; and alt attributes do not show up as tooltips outside Win/IE. title attributes work on href tags and they show up in Mac and Windows, in IE, Mozilla/Netscape 6, and Opera.... [O]ur apologies for leaving out the all-important single quotation marks on his cat’s name: ‘Tipi’ (à la ‘Tippi’ Hedren, the famous Hitchcock actress) in the caption for 6.12. Some people have accents on their names; ‘Tipi’ has apostrophes masquerading as nickname identifiers.

By incredible coïncidence, we are reading The Birds by bitchgoddess Camille Paglia and have just recently endured the shoot-the-horse scene in Marnie.

Synchronicity, shurely?!

Posted on 2001-11-07